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It takes a village to raise a child

Meet the Team

Tina Otte

Tina Otte is a registered midwife, holding an international certificate in childbirth education. She is a specialist in prenatal exercise and a certified baby massage instructor, and has extensive knowledge of breastfeeding. She has been instructing child birth classes for over 36 years and is the mother of two grown daughters.

Tina is the author of several books on pregnancy and birth and is the Specialist Editor of Your Pregnancy Magazine, which has won many awards for the best specialist consumer magazine. She is a consultant to Discovery Health and has appeared on numerous radio and TV programmes. She has been invited to lecture on child birth related topics both nationally and internationally.

With her extensive prenatal exercise knowledge, she has developed a training course for professional fitness instructors.

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Natasha Balloch

Natasha trained as an aromatherapist and reflexologist at the Madge Wallace College of Complimentary Health, and qualified in 2005. Natasha has developed her own product range for pregnant mothers, ranging from bidet/face sprays, healing bath salts, aromatherapy oils to assist with labour, breast health and baby massage oil. All available on order from the practice.
She is also the person you will be communicating with when you call/email the practice for information on classes, clinic appointments, bookings for talks and any other queries that you may have. 

Sr. Linda Britz

Linda is a registered nurse/midwife and psychiatric nurse. She is a lactation specialist having studied internationally on lactation. She supports, protects and promotes breastfeeding and is passionate about helping mothers achieve success in breastfeeding their babies. Linda runs the Well Baby Clinic at
the practice, and is a speaker on the childbirth course – her topics include newborn, skin-on-skin, reflexes, post-partum changes and of course breastfeeding. She is available to do hospital and home visits to the mothers who have attended the courses at the practice. Linda is married and is the mother of three children – two sons and a daughter from whom she says she has learnt the most.

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Dr Sonja Kneppers

Dr Sonja Kneppers studied chiropractics at the University of Johannesburg and qualified in 2004. In 2007 she followed her interest in treating babies and children. She worked with chiropractors and others experienced in the field of children, and continued to research and observe the effects of chiropractic on children and started focusing on treating babies. At the moment the majority of her patients are under two years old. Currently, she practices two mornings a week at the Tina Otte Family and Child Centre in conjunction with the Well Baby Clinic run by Sr. Linda Britz. Being a mother of a young child, she is fully aware of the stresses and strains a new baby brings into the home and she is passionate about assisting moms and dads in those first few difficult months/years when baby’s life and health are so fragile. She is dedicated to making a difference and creating a much needed awareness regarding the importance of good spinal health from birth and throughout life.

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