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Tina Otte's Bellies and Babies


The Journey

Bringing a new life into the world is a miraculous, joyous, wondrous and challenging experience for both expectant parents. The courses provided by Tina Otte will enrich your understanding of the process and issues surrounding childbirth.

With understanding comes confidence in your ability to make the best decisions, to face the challenges with courage, to overcome the setbacks without blame or regret, and to experience to the fullest extent the overwhelming joys and wonders of your part in the creation of a new human life.

Tina Otte takes pride in providing the highest standard of education and support to both childbearing couples and child-rearing families.

The courses run from her studio, focus on helping you explore your own feelings about birth and parenting.

Tina Otte, as well as guest speakers who are experts in their field, will instruct you. This will provide you with different points of view, which will enhance your learning, and assist you in your decision-making.
DVDs, power point presentations and discussions with new parents will help you conceptualise
and face this exciting life event on your own terms.

Classes are held at a serene, private garden studio at:
4 Jack Street, Jacanlee, Robinhills in Randburg.

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Celebrating New Life



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